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80s glamrock femme shit
luv dont have boundaries on an alligator farm

well quack, quack, quack, baby.


Welcome to hell, Megan


How to fuck with anime fans:

Step 1) put a wig on your dog

Step 2)


This is super cool and it’s from The Eighth Day

Our world as kids was full of things that grownups could care less about. Colby Vincent Edwards, William Franevsky and Jarrett Scherff have merged this whimsical occupation of childhood and mixed it with a non-technical future world, a dystopia created by unknown circumstances for their show “The 8th Day” at 5 and 6 Gallery. The collaborative group created a plethora of weapons and costumes, wrapped with twine, adorned with teeth, leathers, weathered and dented and tested in the manner in which they would be in everyday use.


Vlada Roslyakova by Pierluigi Maco for Vogue China January 2007

Du Juan wearing Dior, photographed by Yin Chao for Numéro China, April 2013

Did you guys see that the date today is “four twenty”? That’s pretty funny.


four twenty? that’s the sex number!


Hannibal Drawing a day 4/19/2014 (( Picture 44 ))

I could never entirely predict you.


Illustration: Resting

This is a piece from my show at Spyhouse Coffee! Come see it in real life! 


Spent the afternoon at the V&A Museum. This gorgeous creation, the Organza Origami dress by Lie Sang Bong, always caught my eye the past few months whenever I saw it in the Korea room. Today I finally took the time to sketch it.

(photo taken from the V&A website - so you can see how fucking perfect this dress is)


DR AU where everything is exactly the same but everyone feels compelled to make really awful jokes at other peoples expense

I don’t have any bad jokes to make about Sakura i cant do it.


Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying holiday?