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80s glamrock femme shit
luv dont have boundaries on an alligator farm

well quack, quack, quack, baby.




It is truly a strange thing when a steam pipe bursts under an abandoned building in the dead of winter, but that’s exactly what happened under the Clinic Building at Greystone Park State Hospital in 2007, a month before the building was unceremoniously knocked down.  The steam congregated near the ceiling of the abandoned asylum infirmary, condensing on the pipes and dripping down in regular patterns - and creating these ice stalagmites.  An hour after taking this photograph, demolition workers came into the building and chased us through the tunnels; we had to hide in an attic in 0 degree weather for hours while cops searched for us.  The next time I drove out there, there was no trace that a building had ever stood in this spot.

that’s so silent hill.


start an offbeat net humor fandom. make comics of like sexualized dril fucking someone



life hack: kill everyone except ur crush so they’re forced to date u



reeeeup portrait of @Hikikogal


Kazuichi “No Homo” Souda

Education is the difference between wishing you could help other people and being able to help them.
— Russell M. Nelson (via panicwiththetimelords)


"Open wide" teaser - American Horror Story Freak Show


"The Breast Portrait Journal" by Clarity Haynes



what are movie & book cliches that annoy you?

When everything in the museum comes alive

"It’s a story my grandmother used to tell us all to make us go to bed early. They say if you stay up after dark, or walk around the house too much, the Blair witch will come and get you."

#36 - The Blair Witch Project
USA | 1999

high school me: should i stay in tonight and cry or drive to walgreens and then cry
college me: should i go to the masquerade ball on halloween or the murder mystery party? what about for pride, the lesbian burlesque party or the film-themed cabaret?


Church “Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix” (1955-58) in Villeparisis, France, by Maurice Novarina