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80s glamrock femme shit
luv dont have boundaries on an alligator farm

well quack, quack, quack, baby.

Women’s liberation demonstration in New York, New York, 1970 (via)



here are the 3 body types available for women and men

uh, hi miss

oh, hello sir


imo replacing vampire with draculas is p much one of the funniest jokes you can make


pretty gay small lion tries to eat a bucket 


much like how sharks cannot stop swimming without asphyxiating, Ricky Gervais will die horribly if he goes more than an hour without reminding someone that he’s an atheist

Anonymous said: what's the craziest thing you've ever done?


i got accused of stealing a pair of shoes once and then got sent to this camp where i had to dig holes to build character as my punishment and while i was there i ran away in search for my friend who also ran away and broke my family’s curse


Rigolette cherchant à se distraire en l’absence de Germain, 1844, Joseph-Désiré Court, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen


incomplete list of things girls like:

  • homicide
  • double homicide
  • triple homicide hell yeah
  • witchcraft
  • lesbianism
  • human sacrifice
  • dead things
  • monsters
  • summoning satan